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Aug 18 Walk-Through Registration- 8am-11am Seniors
Aug 18 Walk-Through Registration- 1pm-4pm Juniors
Aug 19 Walk-Through Registration- 8am-11am Sophomores
Aug 19 Walk-Through Registration- 1pm-4pm Freshman
Aug 20 Freshman Orientation- 8am-1pm
Aug 25 First Day of School
Aug 25 Make Up Day- 7:30am
Aug 27 Freshman/New Student Parent night- 7pm-8pm Gym

Walk-Through Registration

All information, paperwork & full schedule will be available on the PFC website at the end of July.

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Education Fund Honor Roll for 2014-2015

Click here to see who has donated this year

Make sure your name is on the 2014-2015 Honor Roll
Contribution Form or NG PFC Webstore

The encouraged contribution for 2014-15 is $350 or more per student. However, we understand that every family’s situation is different, and our goal is to have 100% participation from Northgate families, regardless of the dollar amount of the donation. No amount is too small and every dollar makes a difference for our school.

Your donation funds College and Career counselors, Naviance, support counselors on campus, on-site computer technician, extra class periods, teacher training and development, and more.

For more information, view the PFC budget online, or contact Anna Dito, Betsy Ortiz and Dee Dee Robillard, Education Fund Co-Chairs, at northgateedfund@gmail.com.

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Northgate High School Strategic Plan

View the Strategic Plan now

To find out more about the purpose and history of the
Strategic Planning process, click here*

*Microsoft PowerPoint is required to view this presentation.

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