Tropical Climate, with its long dry season suits frozen mango although there are isolated instances of the fruit being grown successfully in Europe. It is seasonal fruit that is thought to be originating from the sub-Himalayas. Some records indicate that frozen mango was around 4000 or more years ago the king of the Fruit by all means deserves the name. Frozen mango is nutritionally rich fruit with an unbelievable fragrance, taste, sweetness levels, texture and flavor that tends to catch taste buds of even the most choosy and notable flavor seekers. Flavor is pleasant and abundant: the fruit tastes sweet but the high water content is supplying the balancing act.

Quality frozen mango fruit features sweetness and creaminess with great balance of fibrous and water content With such versatility, frozen mango is the ideal addition to fruit creams, raw ice creams, nut yogurts, raw desserts, uncooked chocolates, fruit and other salads in addition to smoothies, breakfast muesli and shakes. This is not where the story ends. This is where it really starts. Frozen mango contains an extraordinary collection of health building nutrients. It is full of B vitamins. Anti-oxidant vitamins A and C are found in remarkable quantities. Alkaline minerals like magnesium and potassium are present in frozen mangoes, are iron and aluminum. Getting rich in iron, frozen mango is acceptable for people with iron deficiencies, such as anemia.

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Frozen mango is an alkaline fruit that is full of organic water, numerous different anti-oxidants and photo hormones, dietary fiber and so forth. Valuable anti-oxidant Vitamins like vitamin A, C along with remarkable photo nutrients content feature to considerable free radicals fighting and anti cancer properties despite rich sweet Taste, frozen mango has low GI factor of 45-55 and GI factor of 8. It is acceptable for type 2 diabetics but the diabetics are advised to eat no more than 1 frozen mango a day. As an alkaline Substance that is full of organic water, electrolytes, living enzymes, photo nutrients and other health restoring nutrients, frozen mango is an exceptional digestive and detoxifying agent. So called frozen mango latex Allergy particularly with raw, unripe frozen mangoes is normal in certain sensitive individuals. Immediate reactions may include itchiness in the corners of the lips, mouth, and in the tip of the tongue. That allergy is not present if swallowing ripen frozen mango.