ConceptravelNow it is the flowering period of lavender. The popular production locations of lavender in the world have actually been the very first tour selection of flower-lovers. Furano in the Hokkaido, Japan is applauded as the Oriental Provence. From late June to early August yearly, slopes and levels there are similar to purple flower sea. The air is full of unique fragrance, including intense colors for this north land. Annually, lots of visitors from home and abroad pertained to Hokkaido one after another to delight in the remarkable flower sea below.

In Provence, France, its purple flower sea in summer is always the classic photo-taken background for postcards, art landscape and romantic films. Compared with leisurely French that can appreciate summer delicately, Japanese pay even more interest to efficiency and prefer to activity and traveling. They have more powerful sense for seasons. As a result, their love for lavender is much deeper than French. There are a range of various taking in the sights paths, beautiful areas and associated tasks in ทัวร์ฮอกไกโด. Some media even advertise very regarding these tasks, making Hokkaido in summer almost equal the romance of purple.

In fact, Japan did not have lavender till it generated seeds of lavender and started to grow lavender in 1937. Because Furano has the very same latitude with Provence, lavender took root right here, and then expand and bloom. Considering that 1970s, extensive records concerning lavender in Hokkaido made by some publications and media began to happen. In the 1980s, a television drama called Family Affection in the Northland was embeded in life in Hokkaido, and its images of huge lavender areas and amazing landscapes in Furano deeply stunned the audience before the TV. From then on, tourists who remain in the quest of purple love came to Hokkaido in a countless stream. And purple has been the most prominent color of Hokkaido in summertime.

Through frequent reports of the information media, Furano has been a well-known vacationer hotel in Japan. Blue skies, white clouds and green hills even more bring out the beautiful purple of lavender fields. In addition to an excellent stretch of lavender field, there is infant is breath covering the whole hill, in addition to flowering sunflowers and tulips.