All through the world, there are plainly developing worries about environmental change, maintainability, and other ecological issues. The more extensive network is giving expanding consideration to how business exercises sway on the earth. Truth be told, a few clients are currently determining natural administration prerequisites for their providers to meet.  Maybe the most unmistakable proof of an association’s ecological responsibility is for its administration framework to be certified to the ISO 14001 standard.  While a large number of associations have just accomplished that differentiation, in excess of 5 fold the number of have the board frameworks certified to the ISO 9001 Quality standard. A huge number more have the executives frameworks set up yet have not yet looked for certification. For them, an intelligent movement may be to grow their current Quality Management System into an Integrated Management System that additionally meets the necessities of ISO 14001.

iso 14001

This investigates the issues associated with doing only that. Before we proceed onward, lets simply explain what the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 arrangement or group of standards are about.  The ISO 9000 family tends to Quality administration. This implies, what the association does to satisfy the client is quality prerequisites, while additionally tending to the necessities and desires for different partners.  The tư vấn iso 14001 family tends to Environmental administration. This implies what the association does to dispense with or decrease hurtful impacts on the earth brought about by its exercises.  In the two cases, an association ought to keep up consistence with material legitimate and administrative necessities, and work towards consistent improvement of execution.

The uplifting news

You know those discussions where you are asked Do you need the uplifting news or the awful news. Well, for this situation, there is not generally any awful news – simply some additional exercises and controls to be set up. We will get to those in a minute, however the great news is that in the event that you have an administration framework that follows ISO 9001, you ALREADY agree to a large portion of ISO 14001. The explanation is that a considerable lot of the necessities are fundamentally the same as. It is for the most part only an issue of spotlight – on item/administration quality OR the earth.

ISO 14001 does exclude a prerequisite for something like a Quality manual. Notwithstanding, in the event that you as of now have one, it could be extended to incorporate applicable data, for example, the ecological strategy, data on natural obligations and specialists, and a table demonstrating how the framework addresses the different ISO 14001 provisos. In such cases, it is very normal to rename the Quality Manual to Business manual or Compliance manual.