Many of you may want to cover and publish songs on sites like YouTube and share them on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter. But if you want to do it professionally and create your own music, then what you need is a music blog.

A music blog is an online showcase that presents your songs and publishes them on social pages and music sites such as the sound cloud, my space, etc. As a new singer or music producer, you can learn about professional music by showing your own music. music at the well Famous music blog. Here are some advantages of placing a song on sites of this type:

Expanded enjoy

Presentation on music sites.

If you are new to the world of music, music blogs can help you find the right platform for your music to be heard. Music blogs create the URLs of their songs and publish them on social forums and online music sites. There are many listeners on these sites, which increases the chances of listening to your song.

Performance in events

Blog owners often play their music at events. Blogs, such as the hip-hop music blog and the dubstep blog, are especially known at dance parties. This can give you a great opportunity to make your song popular. Live a large number of viewers, so you can gain confidence and learn more about how to attract an audience.

Free advertising

Blogs and showcases are the most profitable platforms to publish your music. Blogs promote songs on social networks and song sites. In the general industry, there is not much room for new artists, so blogs can provide the opportunity to get the necessary experience before entering the music industry.

Label presentation options

Sometimes, blogs also have contracts with known tags or send tags. Putting a unique song in a good blog can give you the opportunity to be represented by a label.

Independent production

If you are interested in creating your own music, then music blogs can provide you with a platform to present your raw music. You can learn about music trends and market requirements by following the discussions and comments of the audience. There is a good market for DJs and mixed recorders, so follow current trends and follow them.

Placing a song on blogs helps you interact with a large number of artists and musicians. You can also create music groups through these blogs.