Someone is upset when someone is talking on the phone, and the call is suddenly interrupted. And equally frustrating when you need to call, and your phone just has no signal.

There are ways to improve the reception of your mobile phone in order to finally solve or minimize this problem.

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In rural areas, the so-called falls are usually caused by a weak signal. A mobile phone can produce only a third of a watt, and its very small internal antenna reduces this power by half. That is why it is difficult for the telephone to transmit through the thick walls of the house or the steel casing of the car and travel up to thirty miles to the remote cell tower. How do you solve this?

You may need to update the antenna of your mobile phone. There are compatible antennas (internal and external) for all types of phones, and many of them are sold at affordable prices. A newly installed antenna can reduce problems with missed calls and a bad signal. Is your phone battery old?

Checking the battery status can also help improve cell phone reception. Batteries that run down quickly may be the reason why calls are cut or dropped. Replacing the battery can improve call clarity.

For people who find that the signal varies in different areas, buying a cell phone repeater is helpful. Repeaters can create an environment in which reception is constant, no matter where it goes. Some repeaters are designed only for certain operators, while there are others that can be used universally.


Cell phone repeaters are types of amplifiers that do not have wired systems. With these devices, you can conveniently receive calls, even while in a dead zone or in an area with a bad or missing network signal. Repeaters can create stronger signals to help expand their range for receiving and making calls.

Buying Guide

It would be nice to choose an amplificateur 4g for a cell phone that can work with various phone models and service providers. This means that you do not need to buy a new device every time you upgrade your phone to the latest model.

People usually don’t realize that problems with the signal can be caused by improper phone position. If the antenna is not upright, this may affect the quality of the call. Try using the phone in an upright position to better receive your mobile phone when making calls.