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August, 2013

Welcome, new and returning students and families. We are all about to embark on a new and exciting school year at Northgate High School. As new families, you will be experiencing Northgate for the first time. Returning students and families, however, have seen first hand how Northgate has been transformed over the past few years. Through the dedication and hard work of the staff, parents and students, we have raised the standards of Northgate to a new baseline from which we will continue to enhance the many established programs and create new opportunities for our students to have a fabulous educational experience.

These four years at Northgate are important academically, socially, psychologically, and emotionally. High school students transition in a myriad of ways into young adults. To do so, they need a community. Parents, teachers, staff, and students all need to work together to provide each student the tools they need to become the best adult possible.

Northgate High School offers opportunities: challenging academic classes, forty different clubs to join, community service activities, grade level activities to show school spirit and new opportunities to form friendships.

Research shows children who get involved in their school have higher test scores, build lasting friendships, make better choices (get into less trouble) and feel part of the school culture.

Parents have the opportunity to get and stay involved in Northgate. Click here for involvement opportunities.

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