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Northgate PFC Information

From our PFC President...


April 13, 2016

As the PFC starts planning for the 2016-2017 school year, I would like to take a look back to profoundly thank all of the volunteers who made a difference to our students this year. No matter if your job was big or small, your volunteer work adds to the total growth of our students as they prepare for the adult world. Thank you!

As for next year, the PFC is beginning the process of filling the roles of the standing committees and the executive committee (see below list). Some of you have already experienced the benefits of volunteering at Northgate and may want to continue in your current role, some might want to try something new. We would also like to welcome the newest families and ask if there is a particular interest for your volunteerism.

We have a few “retirees” on the Executive Committee, whose positions must be filled for a successful 2016-2017 school year. Those positions are President and a co-chair for the Education Fund. While these positions generally require more hours, the remaining Committee members and the Northgate Administration Team make the job easy!

Please let me know what committee interests you. If you would like to co-chair with a friend, please email both names together. I encourage you to have fun and get to know the students, staff and other great parents through volunteering.

Thank you,
Alisa MacCormac and the Executive Team

Here is a list of OPEN volunteer committees as of 6/27/16:

    Standing Committees
  • Auditor
  • Campus Beautification
  • Communication – eNews (1)
  • Directory
  • Shopping Rewards
  • Final Fuel (1)
  • Freshman Orientation (1)
  • Grad Night (1)
  • Spring for Education (Donations, Closing, Tickets, Publicity)
  • Teacher Representative
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Walk-Thru Registration (1)
    Executive Committee
  • President
  • Vice President – Fundraising
  • Education Fund (1)
  • Financial Secretary
PFC Board 2016-2017 Budget PFC Bylaws

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PFC Meetings
9am-Lecture Hall 7pm-Library

08/18/16 7:00 pm cancelled
09/08/16 7:00 pm dt change
10/20/16 9:00 am
11/17/16 7:00 pm
01/19/17 9:00 am
02/16/17 7:00 pm
03/16/17 9:00 am
04/20/16 7:00 pm
05/18/17 9:00 am

2015-16 Archive

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11/19/15 Agenda Minutes
01/21/16 Agenda Minutes
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